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If an error occurs when you execute the SDBUPD program, the program terminates with a message describing the cause of the error unless you specify a converse option in the execution command (See Overview of Options for the SDBUPD Program).

Frequent Causes of Errors:
  • An unexpected error occurred when you executed SDBUPD.

  • You are attempting to use SDBUPD to switch to a software version that is lower than your current version (called a downgrade in the following).

    Examples of this situation:

    • You selected the wrong software version by mistake.

    • The upgrade of the database terminated with an error. You then tried to use SDBUPD to return to the original software version.

    • The database upgrade was successful, however, you want to return to a lower software version for other reasons.

    Note Note

    You cannot use the SDBUPD program to downgrade software. If you want to use SDBUPD, the new software must have at least a higher build number than the existing one.

    End of the note.

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