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You can specify the following options when upgrading databases using the SDBUPD program:

Overview of the Options for the SDBUPD Program



-h | -help

Displays the list of possible options and their descriptions

-b | -batch

Executes SDBUPD in the background.

If you specify this option, the update program terminates with an error if any information is missing.

If you do not specify this option, the program stops if any information is missing, and prompts you to act.

-v | -version

Displays the version number of the SDBUPD program

-l | -list

Displays all installable software components

-d <database_name>

Name of the database

-u <dbm_operator>,<dbm_operator_password>

Name and password of the DBM operator

For a description of the variables, see Glossary, Variables in the Documentation