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Databases already exist that refer to the higher software version. You want to downgrade the software exclusively used by the database (version-dependent software).


Downgrade at Build Level

If you want to perform the downgrade at build level only, in most cases there will be no incompatibilities between the databases of the higher version and the software of the lower version.

However, there might have been implemented changes between the affected versions, which imply that the downgrade will not be successful.

To start a downgrade at build level, carry out the steps below for each of the affected databases:




Switch to a Command Prompt, call Database Manager CLI, log on as a DBM operator and connect to the database.

>dbmcli -u <dbm_operator>,<dbm_operator_password> -d <database_name>


Delete the database registration.



Exit Database Manager CLI.

>exit | release | quit | bye


Uninstall the version-dependent software of the higher version.

>sdbuninst -i <installation_name>


Install the desired lower version of the version-dependent software.

>sdbinst -i <installation_name> -path <installation_path>


Re-register the database using DBMCLI. For that purpose, enter the installation path of the newly installed lower software version, the database name, and the user data of the First DBM operator of the old database.

>dbmcli -R <installation_path> db_reg DB <database_name> <first_dbm_operator>,<first_dbm_operator_password>

Downgrade with Change of Version

If the downgrade implies a change of version of the database software (minor or major version), contact technical support before you take any action.