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There are a number of tools available in the liveCache Assistant for the monitoring and administration of an SAP liveCache database. You can use the liveCache Assistant to monitor multiple SAP liveCache databases on one or more hosts.


In the user menu, choose liveCache Assistant (transaction LC10).


Many DBA functions are integral parts of the DBA Cockpit and can therefore be called via the DBA Cockpit.


The user has been assigned a role in accordance with the authorization concept. You can reach the user menu of the user with the authorizations that correspond to his or her role.


Enter the name of the database connection. You can predefine the name of a database connection with a default value. This name appears when you start the liveCache Assistant for the first time. If you call the liveCache Assistant again in a database session, the name of the last used database connection is always displayed.

You can choose between the following functions:


Standard Web Server

You can only call web-based tools if a Web Server is set up for the system using Standard Web Server.

User-Specific Settings

You can make the following user-specific settings:

Lock Collisions

If lock collisions occur in the liveCache Assistant, the user causing the lock is displayed.