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For troubleshooting, use the following tools:

  • Database Studio

  • CCMS (in SAP systems only)

  • Database Manager CLI


Typical Error Situations


Typical Symptoms


More Information

Error during installation or upgrade of the database software

The installation or upgrade of the database software fails.

Check the installation log file.

The database is not in the ONLINE operational state.

Users cannot log on to the database.

Start the database.

Error during data or log backup

A data carrier is not available.

Make the data carrier available.


Error during restore of a database

A data or log backup is damaged.

Check the backup.

The data area is full.

All tasks are suspended, the system comes to a stand-still.

Add a new data volume.

The log area is full.

All tasks are suspended, the system comes to a stand-still.

No upgrade is possible (the system tables cannot be loaded).

Back up the redo log entries.

Then, if necessary, add a new log volume. Note that the new log volume will only be used by the database system after the redo log entries in the old log volume have been backed up.

Database Studio,

Database Manager CLI,

Database Administration in CCMS, Monitoring the Log Area

Maximum number of database sessions reached

No further users can log on to the database.

Raise the value of the general database parameterMaxUserTasks.

General Database Parameters

The database kernel has crashed.

The database is in the OFFLINE operational state.

Check the kernel log file.

Log Files

A firewall prevents the connection to the SAP MaxDB X Server (database communication server) on a remote computer.

You cannot connect to a database on a remote computer.

Ensure that the port of the SAP MaxDB X Server on the remote computer is not locked by a firewall.

X Server, Ports and Protocols of the X Server

The SAP MaxDB X Server on a remote computer is not running.

You cannot log on to a database on a remote computer.

Start the SAP MaxDB X Server.

X Server, Starting the X Server

Inconsistent database structure

-9053: Data page corrupted

-9023: Illegal entrypos

-9003: Illegal entrylength

-9006: Illegal keylength

-9041: Index not accessible

Check the database structures and correct the error(s).

Database error in an SAP system

A database problem occurs in an SAP system that uses the SAP MaxDB database or SAP liveCache technology.

Analyze the problem.

Database Administration in CCMS, Problem Analysis, Performance

    Miscellaneous errors

    The system displays an error message.

    The Messages documentation explains (error and information) messages from the database system and recommends how you can react to them. The messages are sorted by error number.

    Messages documentation

    You have the following options for receiving help during troubleshooting:

    You can follow the status of a problem logged at SAP using the PTS system. More information: Tracking Problem Messages in PTS