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In the Operating user menu you can, among other things, start an SAP liveCache database (transfer it to operational state ONLINE).

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If a user is performing administration functions, administration is locked for all other users.

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An SAP liveCache database is started using the Database Manager. The DBM Server executes the control file lcinit.bat with the option restart. In this case, the volumes are not formatted. The data is loaded from the data volumes into the SAP liveCache database. Among other things, the liveCache applications are also registered.


In accordance with the authorization concept, the user was assigned one of the roles SAP_BC_LVC_OPERATOR, SAP_BC_LVC_ADMINISTRATOR or SAP_BC_LVC_SUPERUSER.


Starting with the DBA Cockpit

Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction DBACOCKPIT) and choose   Administration   Operating (liveCache)   Start liveCache  .

Starting with the liveCache Assistant
  1. In the user menu, choose liveCache Assistant (transaction LC10).

  2. Enter the name of the database connection. You can select the name from the list of existing names. You can restrict the search for the required name.

  3. Choose   liveCache   Monitoring  .

  4. Choose   Administration   Operating  .

  5. Choose Start liveCache.

Starting in the Background
  1. Choose ABAP Editor (transaction SE38).

  2. Enter the report name RSLVCSTART.

  3. Create a variant of the report. You must enter data such as the names of the database connection.

  4. You can schedule the report with the variant defined by you for background processing (Define Job (transaction SM36), Scheduling Background Jobs).

Starting from the Operating System Level

Function Module for Starting/Stopping/Initializing


The SAP liveCache database is transferred to the ONLINE operational state. The liveCache applications are registered.

If an error occurs during the start, you can use the kernel log knldiag (Current Messages) and the current lcinit.log Logs to analyze the cause of the error.

The start of the SAP liveCache database is also logged in the SysLog of your SAP system (transaction SM21).

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