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In the liveCache Assistant you can, among other things, create or change connection and user data, specify administration reports, and control monitoring functions.


The user has been assigned a role in accordance with the authorization concept. You can reach the user menu of the user with the authorizations that correspond to his or her role.


  1. In the user menu, choose liveCache Assistant (transaction LC10).

  2. Enter the name of the database connection.

  3. Choose   liveCache   Integration  .

  4. To be able to change integration information, you must be in change mode. Switch to this mode, if necessary.


SAP liveCache Connection Information

The required SAP liveCache connection is usually created during the installation. You can, however, also create new SAP liveCache connections later or change or delete an existing connection.

User Data

The user data for the standard liveCache user is stored in table DBCON and for the DBM operator in table DBCONUSR.

Follow the procedure described in User Data.

Administration Reports

You can enter application-specific administration reports.

Automatic Monitoring

You can set or configure the following automatic monitoring activities:

  • Deactivate liveCache Alert Monitor

  • Report critical alerts when starting the liveCache Assistant

  • Activate the Database Analyzer when starting SAP liveCache

  • Deleting the DBA Action Logs automatically

Follow the procedure described in Automatic Monitoring.

You can deactivate all automatic monitoring procedures. To do so, choose   Goto   Deactivate Automatic Monitoring  .