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In the Integration user menu you can, among other things, set automatic monitoring by the liveCache Alert Monitor and the Database Analyzer.


In accordance with the Authorization Concept, the user was assigned one of the roles SAP_BC_LVC_ADMINISTRATOR or SAP_BC_LVC_SUPERUSER. You can reach the user menu of the user with the authorizations that correspond to his or her role.


  1. In the user menu, choose liveCache Assistant (transaction LC10).

  2. Enter the name of the database connection.

  3. Choose   liveCache   Integration  .

  4. To be able to change integration information, you must be in change mode. Switch to this mode, if necessary.

  5. Check the SAP liveCache connection information (liveCache Name, liveCache Server) for completeness and accuracy.

  6. Choose Automatic Monitoring.

  7. Make your chosen settings in the areas described below.

  8. Choose   Connection   Save  .

Deactivating the Alert Monitor

If the liveCache Alert Monitor is activated, then Activate Alert Monitor is selected.

To deactivate the liveCache Alert Monitor, deselect Activate Alert Monitor. This change to the SAP liveCache connection takes immediate effect. You can remove the corresponding node from the alert monitoring tree manually.

To reactivate the liveCache Alert Monitor again, proceed as described in liveCache Alert Monitor.

Reporting Critical Alerts

Select Report Critical Alerts When Starting the liveCache Assistant, if critical SAP liveCache states should be displayed immediately using a separate dialog box.

Deselect this if you do not require critical database states to be displayed in this way.

More information: liveCache: Monitoring and Displaying Critical States (Alerts)

Bottleneck Analysis (Database Analyzer)

Select Activate When liveCache Starts if you want to activate the Database Analyzer every time SAP liveCache starts. Adjust the collection interval, if necessary.

The Database Analyzer bottleneck analysis should always be activated.

More information: liveCache Assistant, Database Analyzer

Deleting DBA Action Logs Automatically

If necessary, specify when the DBA log files are to be deleted from the SAP liveCache host and from the database (table SDBCCMS).

Select the option In the liveCache Host and in the DB After ... Weeks in Deleting DBA Action Logs Automatically. Enter the number of weeks (more than 4) to elapse before the DBA action logs are automatically deleted.

More information: liveCache Assistant, DBA History

Deactivating Automatic Monitoring

You can deactivate all automatic monitoring procedures.

To do so, choose   Goto   Deactivate Automatic Monitoring  .