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You can use the DBA Cockpit to monitor, control and configure your database. The DBA Cockpit provides you with access to many functions and indicators for monitoring and administration within the CCMS:

  • Checking system status and operation modes

  • Locating potential problems as quickly as possible

  • Early diagnosis of potential problems, for example, resource problems in the host or database system, which could adversely affect the SAP system

  • Analyzing and tuning the SAP system and environment (host and database systems) to optimize the throughput of the SAP system

  • Database Configuration

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The documentation for the SAP MaxDB database system also generally applies to SAP liveCache technology. If there are functional differences, these are explained.

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Information about required and recommended activities for database administration: Database Administration: Overview of Activities.

The DBA Cockpit is a platform-independent tool that you can use to monitor and administer your database. You can access the DBA Cockpit by calling transaction DBACOCKPIT. The initial screen DBA Cockpit: System Configuration Maintenance appears. DBA Cockpit contains an explanation of the SAP GUI-based user interface. The following general information about operating the DBA Cockpit may also be useful:


The navigation frame of the DBA Cockpit contains a tree structure divided at the top level into the main task areas of database administration. These are, for example, performance monitoring, space management, and job scheduling. Within each task area there is a set of related action nodes.

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The information displayed in the DBA Cockpit vary depending on which SAP NetWeaver release you are using. These different developments for DBA Cockpit are described, if applicable, in the descriptions of the user menus.

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All documentation about managing an SAP system (and the SAP MaxDB database) using SAP CCMS is only relevant for SAP customers. You will find the entire CCMS documentation in the SAP Help Portal under The SAP MaxDB-specific CCMS documentation is available as described in SAP Note 767598.

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