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The DBA Cockpit provides a set of actions to monitor and to maintain the database. To be able to perform these actions, the SAP user requires some additional authorizations.

The maintenance actions provided in the DBA Cockpit set locks to prevent parallel processing. All changes to the database are recorded in an audit log file.

Authorization Check

When you start the DBA Cockpit or change to another system in the DBA Cockpit, an authorization check is performed.

Granting of Database Permissions

To be able to access the database, the user used for remote monitoring must at least have sufficient authorizations.

        Local systems use the connect user for monitoring tasks. This user already has sufficient permissions. If more authorizations are required for administrative actions, a second connection using the database administration user is used.

        Systems monitored via remote database connections use the user specified for the database connections. This user must have sufficient authorizations.

Locking of Actions

For each maintenance action that you have selected using the DBA Cockpit, a lock is set for the system being monitored. All locks are released when you exit the DBA Cockpit or when you change to another system.

Auditing of Maintenance Actions


The following only applies to Oracle and IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

When you make changes that affect database objects such as database configuration parameters or tablespaces, an audit log is written. You can display this audit log in the DBA Cockpit.

For more information, see Displaying the Audit Log.




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