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To be able to use the DBA Cockpit to monitor remote systems, you have to configure those systems in the DBA Cockpit. You can configure your database system either using database information that is stored in the system landscape directory (SLD) for automatic generation and update of system entries or manually using database connections and system entries.

You access the screen The DBA Cockpit: System Configuration Maintenance by choosing System Configuration in the DBA Cockpit. A list of all monitored systems is displayed with an icon showing the current status of a system. You can change the status of a system by choosing Stop or Go.


In the event of severe errors, we recommend that you disable your system to prevent further problems. After you have investigated and corrected the error, you have to enable your system again.

Normally, when you start the DBA Cockpit, the local system is set as default system. To change this setting, select a system from the list and choose Default System.


This setting only applies to the user currently logged on to the system. It is not a system-wide setting.

You use one of the following methods to monitor a system remotely:

      Remote database connections

This method uses additional connections. It is the main access method for monitoring and administration tasks and is mandatory. You can specify remote connections for any database and maintain the connections using the DBA Cockpit. For more information, see Maintaining Database Connections.

      RFC connection

For this method you have to assign an RFC connection to your system. RFC connections are available for SAP ABAP systems only. You can use RFC connections:

       As an optional access path for ABAP-related monitoring functions, for example, for the consistency check of the ABAP Dictionary. That is, the DBA Cockpit uses the RFC connection in parallel to the database connection for the same system.

       MS SQL Server only:

For a database connection that is localized in another ABAP system. That is, the DBA Cockpit can use the RFC connection together with the database connection.


You can only maintain RFC connections with transaction SM59, not with the DBA Cockpit.

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