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You export application data and/or the database catalog to a different SAP MaxDB database or to a different schema or user in the same database.

If you perform transports between different databases, the databases can run on different operating systems and on different hardware architectures.


  • The source and target databases are in the ONLINE operational state.

  • You are logged on (as a database user) to the database from which you want to export the data or database catalog.

  • You are authorized to access the tables that you want to export.

    To export a table in PAGES format, you must own the table.


  1. Choose   Export/Import   Transport   in the context menu of the database.

    Note Note

    To transport tables and schemas, you can also use drag and drop in Database Studio's explorer tree.

    Example: You drag the CITY table from the HOTEL schema in the DEMODB database to the TEST schema in the TESTDB database and then specify your transport options.

    End of the note.
  2. Select the target database.

    If the target database has not been added yet to Database Studio's explorer tree, enter the necessary data.



    Use registered databases

    Restricts the selection to databases that have already been added to Database Studio's explorer tree

    Server Name

    Database computer

    Database name

    Target database name

    User name

    Name of the database user who is to import the data in the target database


    Password of this database user

  3. Optional: Specify additional transport options.

    Transport: Options



    Transport table definitions

    The definitions of the tables selected from the database catalog are transported.

    Transport table data

    The data from the selected tables is transported.

    Select the tables that you want to transport. To select the tables, you can define filters for the schema and table names.

  4. To start the transport, choose Finish.