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Loader can execute Loader commands and SQL statements.


Creating a Database Session

You can execute the Loader commands and SQL statements for importing and exporting data only after you have successfully started a database session. This ensures that only suitably authorized owners can import and export.

More information: Opening a Session: Loader Commands

Exporting and Importing

One of the main functions of Loader is to export and import the database catalog, parts of the database catalog, and application data. A range of Loader commands and associated syntax elements are available for this purpose: Exporting/Importing: Loader Commands

You can change column values using the UPDATE COLUMNS command.

SQL Statements

Loader can execute the SQL statements required for exporting and importing. DDL statements, in particular, are vital for importing data (SQL Reference Manual: SQL Statements: Overview). Database queries, however, return only status messages. COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements are only active in the mode AUTOCOMMIT OFF (AUTOCOMMIT Command).