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You can export application data or the database catalog to files or pipes.


  • You are logged on to the database as a database user.

  • You are authorized to access the tables that you want to export.

    To export a table in PAGES format, you must be the owner of the table.


  1. In the context menu of the database, choose   Export/Import   Export  .

  2. Select your export options.

    Export Options



    Export table definition

    The table definitions of the selected tables are exported from the database catalog.

    Export table data

    The application data from the selected tables is exported.

    in format

    Export format

    More information: Loader, PAGES, RECORDS

  3. Select the tables that you want to export.

    To select the tables, you can use filters for the schema and table names.

  4. To start the export, choose Finish.


The system stores the exported data in the following directory:

  • Microsoft Windows:


    Example Example

    C:\Documents and Settings\anna\sdb\loader\packages\export\PARMA\DEMODB\20061220093349

    End of the example.
  • Unix and Linux:


You can later import the exported application data or database catalog into a different database. This database can be installed on a different operating system or hardware architecture.