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You use the Database Manager CLI database tool to manage database instances. The tool allows you to create, monitor, back up, and restore database instances.

The Database Manager CLI is a command line tool and can be used on all Structure linkoperating systems supported by the database system. The program is suitable for both interactive and background operation.


The Database Manager CLI is included in the MaxDB software. See the Structure linkDownload section in Concepts of the Database System and the Structure linkInstallation Manual documentation for information on where to find the MaxDB software and how to install it.

You will find detailed examples for selected tasks for administering database instances using the Database Manager CLI in the Structure linkDatabase Administration Tutorial.

For more information about the database system, see Structure linkConcepts of the Database System. For quick access to all documentation and an explanation of the most important terms, use the alphabetical Structure linkGlossary.


You can use various programming languages to access the functions of the Database Manager CLI. You can, for example, use DBM commands to create your own programs for managing your database instances automatically.

Programming Interfaces

Programming Language





Structure linkJava Manual



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Structure linkPython Manual


How the Database Manager CLI Works

Command Reference for Working with the Database Manager CLI

Overview of All DBM Commands


The database tool Database Manager GUI has similar features to the Database Manager CLI but has a different user interface.


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