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SAP® MaxDB™ – The SAP Database

SAP® MaxDB™ is the database management system developed and supported by SAP AG.
SAP MaxDB is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix, and for the most prominent hardware platforms.

For more information about SAP MaxDB, visit the SAP MaxDB website in the SAP Community Network.

7P Infolytics AG and SAP SE have concluded an Original Equipment Manufacturer agreement (OEM August 2014).

SAP MaxDB Info Days 2014: Infolytics continues a good old SAP tradition: In the style of the former info days about database technology will take place in September the SAP MaxDB Info Days 2014 with the participation of SAP and Dell. Read more ...


If you are looking for information about old versions (SAP DB 7.3 and 7.4), go to the SAP DB homepage.

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