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You manage databases with the help of DBM commands which you enter in the command line.

For more information on the command structure, see: Calling Database Manager CLI

The DBM commands described in this document are divided into standard commands and advanced commands. The purpose of this distinction is to enable you to differentiate between administration commands that are easy and safe to use and those that require precise knowledge of internal database processes.

Standard commands are those used by the administrator for normal database operation.

Only experienced database specialists should use advanced commands, because these commands allow in-depth intervention in the database system.

The advanced commands are divided into the following groups:

  • Commands for Experts

    These offer comprehensive intervention options in the administration of the database and should only be used by persons with a high degree of expertise.

  • Commands for Support

    These commands were implemented for proven specialists who work on solving problems.

  • Commands for Use in Programs

    These commands were implemented primarily for use in scripts or programs.

  • System-Internal Commands

    These commands are only used internally for communication between SAP MaxDB components and Database Manager.

Task Areas in Database Administration

To make it easier to find DBM commands, they have been sorted according to the following categories for every task area in database administration.

Software Installation

Creating and Deleting Databases

Configuring Databases

Controlling Databases

Backing Up and Restoring Databases

Managing Database Manager Operators

Analyzing Databases

Accessing Databases Using SQL

Optimizing SQL Access to the Database

Using Database Events

Using the Scheduler Function

Managing Hot Standby Systems

Managing the Database Manager

Database Manager Help contains an overview of the Database Manager help commands that enable you to view the short references for DBM commands online.