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You can use the Database Manager to back up to data carriers on a remote computer, check the backups, and use these backups to restore a database instance. For this purpose, start the database instance with the name of an operating system user that exists on both computers.


Backups to a remote computer are prone to errors during transfer. They also take longer than backups to the local computer.


     Both computers have a Microsoft Windows operating system.

     There is an operating system user that is known on both computers.


The database instance always runs on a special operating system user on UNIX/Linux, see Special Operating System Users and Groups.

     This operating system user has the necessary authorizations for the directories used on both computers, so is authorized to read the backups on the remote computer.

     You have created a backup template, see Backup Templates and Data Carriers).



       1.      Open the Services management in the Microsoft Management Console.

       2.      Stop the service of the database instance you want to restore/back up.

       3.      Open the properties of this service.

       4.      Enter the operating system user that exists on both computers on the Log On tab page.

       5.      Restart the service of the database instance.


You can perform/check backups on the remote computer or restore the database instance with backups from the remote computer.

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