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There are a number of administration tasks that you have to perform regularly in a production system.


If you are using the database instance in a production system, we recommend that you monitor the database instance (see Monitoring).

The following table is an example of scheduling regular administration tasks. Depending on how large you configured your database instance to be and how much of its capacity is in use, these administration tasks may need to be performed more or less frequently than in this example.

Example: Scheduling Regular Administration Tasks




Complete data backup

(see Backing up Data)

On each productive day

If you cannot or do not want to perform a complete data backup every day, then you should perform at least an incremental data backup on each productive day.

The more current the last data backup is, the fewer log entries the database system has to import again if you need to restore the database instance.

Archiving Backup Files

Once a week

Only necessary for log backups on data carriers of the File type

Log backup

(See Backing up Log Entries)

Once a week

Only necessary if automatic log backup is switched off


We recommend that you activate automatic log backup. Log backups are the prerequisite for a complete backup history.

Checking Database Structures

Once a week

We recommend that you check the database structures at times when the database load is low, or using a system copy.

Update SQL Optimizer Statistics

Once a week


See also:

Backing Up and Restoring



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