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Database Studio Preferences



Restore connection state of databases on startup

When Database Studio is started, the information about the state of all databases in the explorer tree is updated.

Name of database in editor title

Database names are displayed in editor titles.

Database identifier upper case

Names of database objects can only be entered in upper case (all caps).

Show “My Repository” tree in explorer view

More information: Database Studio Screen Areas

Show “My Current Work” tree in explorer view

See above.

Retrieve all database catalog objects

All database objects are displayed.

Show only own database catalog objects

Only the database objects that belong to the current database user are displayed.

Show database catalog sorted by schema

If you choose this setting, the database objects are displayed in the Explorer sorted by the schema they belong to. Otherwise, the database objects are displayed in the Explorer sorted by the user they belong to.

Default action for database tables:

  • Show Content

  • Show Definition

Action which is carried out when double-clicking a database table.

Preferred unit for size values

You can choose between KB, MB, GB and the database-internal PAGES units.

Show console for database management commands

Internal commands are displayed in a console window.