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Use of the system table DOMAIN. SYNONYMS


You can use the demo data for the SQL tutorial. Start the Database Studio as database administrator MONA with the password RED and log on to demo database DEMODB: Logging On to a Database.

Define synonyms. To do this, use the CREATE SYNONYM Statement (create_synonym_statement).


You can use Database Studio to enter and execute SQL statements. More information: Working with SQL Statements: Overview

Note the General Instructions for formulating SQL statements.

You can use the system table SYNONYMS to determine the following database information, among other things:

  • The table (basis table, view table) for which the PUBLIC synonym SHORT_TAB was defined

    SELECT tableowner, tablename


    WHERE public = 'YES'

    AND synonymname = 'SHORT_TAB'

  • Private synonym for the CITY table of the database user MONA

    SELECT synonymname


    WHERE tableschemaname = 'HOTEL'

    AND tableowner = 'MONA'

    AND tablename = 'CITY'

More Information

Existence of a synonym: see TABLES