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The CREATE SYNONYM statement (create_synonym_statement) defines a synonym (alternative name) for a table name or a sequence name.


Syntax Syntax

  1. <create_synonym_statement> ::=
      CREATE [PUBLIC] SYNONYM [<schema_name>.]<synonym_name>
        FOR <table_name>
    | CREATE [PUBLIC] SYNONYM [<schema_name>.]<synonym_name>
        FOR <sequence_name>
End of the code.

The table name (table_name) must not denote a temporary base table. The database user must have one of the privileges available for the specified table or sequence.

Only the name of the current database user is permitted as the schema name (schema_name ) in front of the synonym name.

The synonym name can be specified anywhere instead of the table or sequence name. This has the same effect as specifying the table or sequence name for which the synonym was defined.


If PUBLIC is specified, the synonym name must not be identical to the name of a synonym defined in PUBLIC. A synonym is generated that can be accessed by all database users.

If PUBLIC is not specified, a private synonym is generated that is only known to the current database user. In this case, the synonym name must not be identical to the name of an existing base table, view table, seuence or a private synonym of the current database user. If a synonym with the same name and the PUBLIC attribute exists, it cannot be accessed by the current database user until the private synonym has been dropped.

More Information

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