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Using the SAP MaxDB installation programs you can install or update the complete SAP MaxDB database software or individual software components. If you use Installation Manager, the program itself decides whether it is dealing with a new installation or an update.

You can install the database software multiple times on the same computer. This can mean different versions of the database software or several installations of the same version. While installing the software, you can also create a database.

If you plan to use several databases, we recommend that you install the database software once for each database, even if you use the same software version for these databases. Only in this way can you later perform an upgrade using Installation Manager. Otherwise, special upgrade procedures apply which must be performed in the command line.

Installing the database software once for each database also helps you to avoid down-time, since in this case only one database is affected if an error occurs during an upgrade.

Note Note

An upgrade to version 7.8 is possible only for databases whose catalog data is defined in Unicode. Databases whose catalog data has not been defined in Unicode must be migrated before you can upgrade them to version 7.8. This migration must be carried out in the command line. For more information, see Upgrade Strategies.

To determine whether the catalog data is defined in Unicode, display the value of the database parameter UNICODE.

End of the note.

Before you start an installation, update, or upgrade consider the following:

  • Make sure that you have taken precautions against the most common errors that can cause an installation or update to fail. For more information, see Troubleshooting.

  • Decide whether you need one or more databases.

  • Choose the installation program.

Using Installation Manager

Whenever possible use Installation Manager, which offers a graphical user interface and guides you through the installation-, upgrade-, or uninstallation process. Installation Manager offers a preconfigured desktop installation but also an expert mode. This allows you to choose software components and appropriate combinations of them, and it takes into account the dependencies between them.

For details, see Using Installation Manager

Installation, Upgrade, and Uninstalling in the Command Line

If installing in the command line, you are required to know and take into account dependencies between software components. Choose a command line program particularly if a background installation is wanted. For details, see: Installation, Upgrade and Uninstalling in the Command Line