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When installing or updating your database software, when upgrading databases and their software, or when migrating the catalog data to Unicode, an error may occur, which causes the program to terminate. In the event of such an error, you can use the available programs, your data backups, and the software of the source version to return temporarily to the original version. This gives you time for troubleshooting, and keeps downtime as short as possible.

Caution Caution

Under no circumstances delete installed files from the file system manually. Even if installations crash, only use the program SDBUNINST for uninstalling software. Otherwise, unexpected problems may occur in your next installation or upgrade.

End of the caution.

Correcting Errors in the Execution of the SDBINST Program

Correcting Errors in the Execution of the SDBUPD Program

Error While Migrating the Catalog to Unicode