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The DBA Cockpit and liveCache Assistant supply a comprehensive range of analysis tools for systems with SAP liveCache technology. You can get the most important SAP liveCache status information, including: name of the database connection, liveCache name, liveCache computer, liveCache version and liveCache status.

For an initial overview of important key figures needed to assess SAP liveCache performance, check the data cache load and the usage of the OMS heap. Hit rates, such as the hit rates of the data cache and the converter, can also give you important information. There are additional comprehensive tools for liveCache monitoring available.


An SAP liveCache analysis can give you meaningful information only if more than 50000 DB procedures have already been executed. For an overview of how many DB procedures have been executed since the last time SAP liveCache was started, refer to the line External DBPROC calls in the Monitor Statistics display.

To set up and use your SAP liveCache optimally, you can automate many necessary DBA activities: Automating Database Administration Activities.


Carrying out an SAP liveCache performance analysis means that you can check a wide range of settings, access times and hit rates of your database system, and then, if necessary, can include the applications in further analyses. As each performance analysis runs individually, the following suggestions are merely a collection of ideas.

To analyze performance bottlenecks, you can use a number of CCMS transactions, in particular DBA Cockpit, liveCache Assistant, and liveCache Alert Monitor. To determine, for example, the SAP liveCache status, you can use the Properties user menu (DBA Cockpit/liveCache Assistant) or the State and Installation displays in the liveCache Alert Monitor. Experts can also use additional database tools, such as the Database Studio, Database Analyzer, and XCONS.

General information about performance analysis for an SAP MaxDB database system: Database Administration in CCMS: SAP MaxDB, Performing a Performance Analysis in CCMS.

The SAP liveCache performance analysis can basically be carried out in the steps described for SAP MaxDB databases. Special features for SAP liveCache technology are indicated if necessary. The following monitoring tasks are described specifically for SAP liveCache technology:

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