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You obtain an overview of all SAP MAxDB and SAP liveCache databases integrated into your system landscape. In complex system landscapes, you can access database administration functions using the MaxDB/liveCache System Overview transaction.

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There are alternative options for accessing database administration using the DBA Cockpit: System Configuration Maintenance and the Database Assistant

More information: DBA Cockpit: SAP MaxDB, Database Assistant

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Ensure that the desired database system is integrated into your system landscape (Integrating a Database System).

SAP MaxDB: In the user menu, select   Database: Monitoring and configuration   MaxDB/liveCache System Overview   (transaction DB59).

SAP liveCache Technology: Decide which of the roles assigned in the Authorization Concept you want to use. Choose MaxDB/liveCache System Overview (transaction DB59).


A list of all integrated databases, with detailed information on each database, is displayed.

  • You can open the Database Assistant or the liveCache Assistant. To do this, select the desired database and choose   Goto   Assistant  .

  • You can check the consistency of the integration data and test connections to all application servers. To do this, proceed as follows:

    1. Select the desired database and choose   DB System   Connection Test  . The system displays a list of application servers with your computer name and details of SAP release and version details for a number of the database components involved.

      Where applicable, you will also find warnings in this list informing you that the software Runtime for WebAS has not been installed or that an RFC connection to this computer will shortly not be possible.

    2. Select one or more application servers.

    3. Choose   Application Server   Connection Test   to start the connection test from the required application server to the database instance.

    4. To display the result of the connection test, choose   Application Server   Log  .

  • You can display and change the integration data of the database instances.

    To do this, choose   Edit   Integration Data   Display/Change  . Depending on the database type, proceed as described in Changing a Connection for SAP MaxDB/SAP liveCache Technology.

  • You can create new integration data.

    To do this, choose   Edit   Integration Data   Create  . Depending on the database type, proceed as described in Creating a Connection for SAP MaxDB/SAP liveCache Technology.

  • You can generate your own views of complex system landscapes by creating appropriate filters.