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Many third-party backup tools have a Backint for Oracle interface.

In principle, the program Backint for Oracle can backup any files in the file system, regardless of whether the Oracle database system is installed on the computer or not. The following description of how to connect SAP MaxDB to a Backint for Oracle interface assumes that this feature is guaranteed by the vendor of the third-party backup tool with the Backint for Oracle interface.

After the SAP MaxDB software has been configured accordingly, the SAP MaxDB database tools for backing up, restoring, importing, and exporting data can be connected to the interface of a Backint for Oracle backup tool.

The connection is made by using the Backint for Oracle program of the third-party backup tool and an adapter program, which implements a Backint for SAP MaxDB program. This adapter program is part of your SAP MaxDB installation.

After you have triggered the relevant action using the database tool, the adapter program copies the data in segments into temporary files. The adapter program calls the Backint for Oracle program several times in succession to save these temporary files by means of the third-party backup tool.

For SAP MaxDB software of versions 7.5 and above, there are no restrictions on connecting SAP MaxDB to third-party backup tools using the Backint for Oracle interface.