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DBM commands are the commands, which can be executed in Database Manager CLI for managing databases.

All DBM commands executed during a Database Manager session refer to the database whose name was specified with the option -d when logging on to Database Manager CLI.


The right to execute a DBM command can be subject to three prerequisites:

You can find out which of these prerequisites need to be fulfilled for executing a specific DBM command by looking at its description.


<dbm_command> [<dbm_option_list>]

<dbm_command> :: = <command_name> [<cmd_option_list>]

<cmd_option_list> :: = <command_option> | <command_option> <command_option> ...

<dbm_option_list> :: = <dbm_option> | <dbm_option> <dbm_option> ...





DBM command name


Command option (see description of the respective DBM command)


DBM Option

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help (Command for displaying all the available DBM commands)

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