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With this command you transfer the database to the ONLINE operational state.

Also use this DBM command when the database was not stopped correctly because the computer was shut down by a power outage. If the volumes of the database are undamaged, the system uses the information still available within the system to repeat completed transactions and roll back incomplete transactions.

If you enter a point in time in the DBM command, only the transactions completed up to that time are repeated.

You can also configure a database so that it starts automatically when the database computer is started.


You have the server permissionn DBStart.


db_online [<option>]

<option> :: = -f | -s | -t | -u




-f | -fast

The kernel variant fast is started.

-s | -slow

The kernel variant slow is started.

-t | -test

The kernel variant test is started.

[-u | -until] <date> <time> <date> ::= <yyyymmdd> <time> ::= <hhmmss>

Time (year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds) up to which the log entries still available in the database are to be imported.



In the event of errors, see Reply Format.

More Information

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