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You can configure your system so that the database, global listener and X servers (database communication servers necessary for remote communication) are started automatically when the database computer is started and are stopped automatically when it is shut down.


Microsoft Windows
  1. Activate the automatic database start when you create the database.

    More information:

    The system sets the Startup Type for the database kernel service, the global listener and the X servers to Automatic.

    More information: Glossary, Service

  2. To activate or deactivate the automatic database start later, use Database Manager CLI.

    More information: Database Manager CLI, db_reg

Unix and Linux
  1. Write a start script.

    More information: Example: Start Script for a Database (Linux)

  2. Create symbolic links to the start script in the necessary Runlevel directories.

    For more information about starting programs automatically, see your operating system documentation.