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For a complete syntax description of the Loader commands for importing, see Importing: Loader Commands in the Loader manual. The following are some examples of key import commands.


You can use the demo databases DEMODB and TESTDB. You have exported the required data from demo database DEMODB (Exporting).


In the demo database TESTDB create the database administrator MONA, if he/she does not exist yet. Start the Loader and log on to the demo database TESTDB as database administrator MONA with the password RED. Use the session mode: loadercli -d testdb -u mona,red.

Create the schema TESTDB in the demo database HOTEL. Import the database catalog data you exported from the demo database DEMODB into the schema HOTEL of the demo database TESTDB.


  CATALOG INSTREAM 'city_ddl.catalog'

This means:

  1. Import (IMPORT)

  2. a table (TABLE)

  3. called CITY (

  4. Import the database catalog data (CATALOG)

  5. from the input file (INSTREAM)

  6. called city_ddl.catalog

All objects (such as view tables, indexes) dependent on the CITY table that are listed in city_ddl.catalog are imported. If additional objects are necessary for the creation of a dependent object (for example, additional tables for creating a view table), the dependent objects are only imported if the additional objects are available.