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To work through the examples in this Loader Tutorial, you require the demo databases DEMODB and TESTDB plus all demo data in the DEMODB database. The DEMODB database should be used mainly to demonstrate the EXPORT commands, and the TESTDB database to demonstrate the IMPORT commands.


Install the database software and tools. For more information, see Glossary, Installation.


Create a demo database with the name DEMODB, and one with the name TESTDB. Load all demo data into the DEMODB when you create the DEMODB database. When creating the TESTDB database, do not load the demo data into the TESTDB.

To create a database, and where required to load the complete demo data, you can use Database Studio, Database Manager, or Installation Manager (See also: Glossary, Installation Manager).

  • Database Administration, Creating Databases

    Choose Load Tutorial... in the context menu of the database DEMODB if you want to load the demo data into the DEMODB.

If you do not load all data when you create the DEMODB database, you can load this into the DEMODB database at a later stage. You can use the Database Studio or Database Manager to load all demo data.


The demo databases DEMODB and TESTDB have been created.


The database user MONA has been created in the DEMODB database as a database administrator (DBA) with the password RED. The database administrator MONA can open several database sessions at once (NOT EXCLUSIVE).

The HOTEL demo schema has also been created. The HOTEL demo schema represents a very basic hotel administration system with information on the hotels' guests, location, vacancies, room prices, and so on. This information is stored in a series of simply-structured tables. These tables are filled with demo data. Other objects such as view tables and indexes have also been created.

Note Note

You can change the demo data to suit your needs. However, your results may then differ from the example results stated in this tutorial.

The HOTEL demo schema was developed for practice and testing purposes and contains predefined demo data. Do not use the demo data in a production system.

End of the note.

The TESTDB database does not contain any demo data. Some examples require the database user MONA. In such cases, you can create the database user MONA as follows:

  1. Log on to the database TESTDB as database administrator. If you transferred the default values when creating the database TESTDB, the database system administrator will contain the following user data: User name: DBADMIN, password: SECRET

  2. Create the database user MONA with the following SQL statement:


Some examples require the HOTEL demo schema. In such cases you can create the HOTEL schema as follows:

  1. Log on to the database DEMODB as user MONA with the password RED:

  2. Create the HOTEL schema with the following SQL statement:


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