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You can use the EXPORT DB command to export all data required for use of a database. Only the owner of the schema may execute the EXPORT DB command.


You can use all of the demo data in database DEMODB. Start the Loader and log onto database DEMODB as database system administrator DBADMIN with the password SECRET.

Use the session mode: loadercli -d demodb -u dbadmin,secret.


The data of the DEMODB database is to be exported. You can make entries after the keyword CATALOG and/or DATA to select what is to be exported, the database catalog and/or the data belonging to the application.

Export of the Database Catalog

You can export the database catalog information for all database users belonging to the application of the database.


  CATALOG OUTSTREAM 'demodb_ddl.catalog'

The database catalog (CATALOG) is exported in the DDL (default value) format.

See also: Loader, Data Stream

Export of the Application Data

You can export the application data for all database users.



The application data (DATA) is exported in the PAGES format (default value).



The application data (DATA) is exported in the RECORDS format.

A PAGES export uses a database format (based on a page), and is therefore faster than an export that uses the RECORDS format of the Loader. You may not change a data file in either case as the binary format is specific to the Loader.

See also: Loader, PAGES, RECORDS

Export of the Database Catalog and the Application Data

You can export the data belonging to a database application


  CATALOG OUTSTREAM 'demodb_ddl.catalog'


Note the sequence of the syntax elements. Always enter the syntax element for exporting the database catalog first, and then the syntax element for exporting the application data.

Excluding Tables from the Export

By specifying a data stream after the keyword CONFIGURATION, you can exclude the application data of tables specified in this data stream. The tables must be identified by specification of their schema and table name.

The CITY and HOTEL tables are to be excluded from the export. Create the hotel_table.configuration file with the following contents:



Specify the following export command in the Loader session mode. Note the sequence of the syntax elements. First, enter the syntax element that excludes the table from the export.


  CONFIGURATION INSTREAM 'hotel_table.configuration'

  CATALOG OUTSTREAM 'demodb_ddl.catalog'


The database catalog entries of all tables are always imported, regardless of the restrictions stipulated in hotel_table.configuration.

Additional Log Functions

If you specify a data stream after the keyword PACKAGE, the command entries from the SYSLOADER.TRANSFORMATIONMODEL table are exported to the specified data stream. This is an additional logging option. Always enter the PACKAGE syntax element as the last syntax element.


  CATALOG OUTSTREAM 'demodb_ddl.catalog'

  PACKAGE OUTSTREAM 'demodb_csv.package'

See also: Loader, Additional Log Functions (package_spec)

Complete Syntax of the EXPORT DB Command

Combining the syntax options can result in correspondingly complex commands. Note the sequence of the syntax elements.


  CONFIGURATION INSTREAM FILE 'hotel_table.configuration' CSV ASCII

  CATALOG OUTSTREAM FILE 'demodb_ddl.catalog' DDL


  PACKAGE OUTSTREAM FILE 'demodb_csv.package' CSV

For a complete syntax description, see EXPORT DB Command in the Loader documentation.

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