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A synonym is an alternative name for a database table. Within a database schema, each synonym has a unique name that is different from all other table names. You can use synonyms to shorten a long or complicated table names.


  • You are logged on to the database as a database user.

  • You have privileges for the table.

    More information: SQL Reference Manual, Privileges: Overview

  • The database is in the ONLINE operational state.


  1. In the explorer tree, select the table for which you want to define the synonym.

  2. In the context menu of the table, choose   New   Synonym  .

  3. Enter the name of the synonym.

    More information: SQL Reference Manual, Synonym Name

  4. To make the synonym visible for all database users (public synonym), choose Public.

  5. In the context menu of the editor window, choose Create Synonym.

    The system creates the synonym in the following schema:

    • Private synonym: default schema (usually the schema of the database user who is logged on)

    • Public synonym: PUBLIC schema

More Information

SQL Reference Manual, CREATE SYNONYM Statement (create_synonym_statement)