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You can use the DBA Planning Calendar in the Jobs user menu of the DBA Cockpit to automate database administration. You can schedule, perform, and check database administration actions.

You can use the DBA Planning Calendar for almost all regular database administration actions. The database actions required are automatically executed at the time you specify. Therefore, you should make sure in advance that the required resources will be available at the time of execution. You can carry out planning periodically. This reduces the amount of planning required for recurring actions.


The DBA Planning Calendar can be called as follows:

  • Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction DBACOCKPIT) and choose   Jobs   DBA Planning Calendar  .

  • The DBA Planning Calendar can be opened using the Central Calendar. Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction DBACOCKPIT) and choose   Jobs   Central Calendar  . You can find information about the Central Calendar in the following sections: Central Calendar, Using the Central Calendar.

The initial screen of the DBA Planning Calendar includes the following frames: DBA Planning Calendar, Action Pad, Calendar

DBA Planning Calendar

The top left frame (DBA Planning Calendar) contains all the information and parameters for choosing actions that should be displayed:

  • System: Select the system you would like to use to schedule DBA actions.

  • Calendar ID: Select the calendar ID and a factory calendar at the same time.

    Specifying the factory calendar only affects the calendar display. Public holidays are displayed in the same color as weekends. This leads to no restrictions on any actions already scheduled.

  • Planning Mode: You can select planning mode.

    Local: Planning is carried out for the system that you selected.

    Global: Planning is carried out for all integrated, attainable systems. This type of procedure may be necessary, for example, if database structure checks are to be carried out on all systems.

  • Calendar Control: With Calendar Control you can select the week that should be displayed.

    The default value is the current week. To navigate to another week, double-click the week you would like to display.

Action Pad

The Action Pad contains a list of all schedulable actions currently available for the database system.

Action Pad

Task Area

Entry in the Action Pad

Short Name

Data and log backups

Complete data backup

Incremental data backup

Activate Automatic Log Backups

Deactivate automatic log backups

Log backup

Archive log backup files







Determining statistics for the SQL Optimizer

Select tables for update statistics

Update statistics for selected tables

Update all optimizer statistics




Database structure checks

Check the database structure

Check the database structure (tables only)



Determining table size and growth

Update table statistics


Determining class container sizes (liveCache only)

Update class container statistics


Checking backups

Check complete data backup

Check incremental data backup

Check log backup




Executing DBM commands

Execute DBM Command



The calendar can be displayed with either a weekly, daily or monthly view using either a top-bottom layout or left-right split view layout. To change the layout, choose   Administration   Left-Right Split View   or Top-Bottom Split View Layout. To change, for example, from a weekly view to a daily or monthly view, choose the corresponding button in the application toolbar.

Note Note

You can only change the layout for the week or month view. For the day view, only the left-right split view layout is available.

To change your preferred settings – that is, the layout and the view – choose Save Settings.

The calendar shows the actions that were scheduled using background processing. These actions are then automatically executed.

End of the note.

Once the action has run, the status is indicated using the following colors:



Light blue

The action has not yet started.

Dark blue

The action has not yet finished.


The action has run successfully.


The action has finished with a warning.

Check the job log for details.


An error has occurred and the action was interrupted.

Check the job log for details and reschedule the action.

Dark yellow

No more information is available.

Dark red

Scheduling failed, that is, there is no status available and the action is overdue.

You can display the meaning of each color by choosing Legend.

Dragging & Dropping Actions

You can move or copy actions in the DBA Planning Calendar using Drag & Drop; from the Action Pad to the Calendar too, for example.

More Information

For more function descriptions for the DBA Planning Calendar, see the following sections in Database Administration in CCMS: