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You can configure the back end of the DBA Planning Calender to control the execution of background jobs. You can configure the back end for all systems, for selected database platforms, or for single systems only.

The system is configured by using the first available configuration from the following:

  1. The system-specific configuration

  2. The configuration for the database platform

  3. The configuration valid for all platforms

  4. The standard configuration – current user, selection of background server by background dispatcher, high priority


DBA Planning Calendar


  1. Call the DBA Cockpit and choose   Jobs   Back End Configuration  .

    Note Note

    Alternatively, choose  Goto   Back End Configuration   from the menu in the DBA Planning Calendar.

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  2. In the Selected Scope group box, choose the scope of the configuration entry.

  3. In Background Dispatching group box, choose appropriate values as follows:



    Background Server

    Specifies the server, where scheduled jobs are executed

    If no server is specified, the background job dispatcher dynamically selects the server.

    Job Priority

    Specifies the priority of the job

    If no priority is specified, jobs run with default priority (medium).


    Name of the user to execute the job

    If no user is specified, the dialog user is used.

  4. Save your changes.

You can suppress the spool output. To do this, choose   Goto   Backend Configuration   Administration   MaxDB Settings   and select the corresponding option.