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The Properties user menu contains some status information which can be helpful for database administration.


In the DBA Cockpit, select the Properties function.


The following properties are displayed under Operational State:

Name of the Database Connection

One property of a database is its logical name, that is, the name of the database connection for the database or SAP liveCache.

The name of the database connection is normally created when installing the database or SAP liveCache.

For the SAP MaxDB (OLTP) database, which is the basis of the current SAP Web AS system, the name of the database connection must match the name of the SAP system.

Database/liveCache Name

The database name is the name of the database on the database/liveCache computer. The liveCache name can differ from the name of the database connection.

Note that you cannot use the special character '_' in database/liveCache names.

Database/liveCache Server

Name of database/liveCache computer

Database/liveCache Version

Version of database/liveCache kernel in accordance with the version notation

DBM Server Version

Version of the software of the DBM Server

Operating System

Name of the operating system

Operational State/liveCache State


Started at

Time stamp

Last Initialization

SAP liveCache Technology: Action status, current log display and action time stamp

Last Start/Stop Action

SAP liveCache Technology: Action status, current log display and action time stamp

Automatic Log Backup OFF | ON

Displays whether automatic log backup is activated

Database Trace OFF | ON

Displays whether the database trace is switched on

Command Monitor OFF | ON

Displays whether the Command Monitor is switched on

Resource Monitor OFF | ON

Displays whether the Resource Monitor is switched on

The following database software directories are displayed under Directories




Directory containing the programs used jointly by all the databases and applications



Data, configuration and run directories of databases and applications



Installation Directory of the Database Software



Run directory whose path is stored in the general database parameter RunDirectoryPath.

A list of all log and message files of the database system is displayed under Files. Among other things, they can contain information on the size of the files.

  • Choose Details to display a selected file.

  • Choose Display File to display the contents of a file. You can only display ASCII files with this display. For very large files, the system asks for confirmation. Files that are larger than 50 MB in size cannot be displayed in the SAP system.

  • Choose Download to Local File to download the selected file into a directory of your choice.

Displaying Critical Database States

If the data or log area has become full, the system displays this. If the system finds any bad indexes, you will see this displayed (more information: Indexes).

Hot Standby System

In the case of a Hot Standby System, additional information on the individual standby instances (name, type and operational status) is displayed.

Database Administration, Hot-Standby