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The Configuration user menu of the DBA Cockpit contains, among other things, a display of the system settings.


Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction DBACOCKPIT) and select   Configuration   System Settings  .


The system displays an overview of the most important system settings, divided into the following areas:

  • General Status Information

    The system displays information about the options and settings with which the system is currently running. Critical states are highlighted in color on the display (for example LOG WRITING off - logging is deactivated, VTRACE - database trace is activated). Among other things, you can see whether the join optimization for the optimizer (OPTIMIZE JOIN PARALLEL), database monitoring (MONITORING on) or automatic log backup (AUTOSAVE LOG on) are activated, or whether bad indexes have been found (NO OF BAD INDEXES), among other things.

  • Restart Information

    You receive, among other things, information about savepoints.

  • Log Information

    You receive internal log information, such as when the last log backup was written (LAST FLUSH DATE, LAST FLUSH TIME).

To update the display, choose   Edit   Refresh  . The system displays the current system settings, which are stored in a series of system tables.