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Recommendation Recommendation

We recommend that you use the database tool Database Studio instead of Web SQL. Database Studio offers all the functions available in Web SQL, but also has additional functions.

End of the recommendation.

You use the Web SQL (Web SQL Studio) database tool to display and change data in a database using SQL statements. You can use Web SQL to access databases on your local computer and on remote computers.

Web SQL is a web application and can be used on all supported operating systems.

Caution Caution

Use Web SQL only on secure computers.

If you use Web SQL on a public computer, e.g. in an internet café, you should empty the cache of the Web browser you used after exiting Web SQL.

End of the caution.

Implementation Considerations

Web SQL is included in the SAP MaxDB software. For information on where to obtain SAP MaxDB software and how to install it, see the Installing Web SQL.

Web SQL has a default timeout. If you are inactive for more than 1 hour, the Web SQL session is ended automatically.


You can use Web SQL to access WebDAV repositories.