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With the Database Studio database tool you can manage SAP MaxDB databases of version 7.5 and higher.

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From SAP MaxDB Version 7.7 onwards, Database Studio replaces the database tools Database Manager GUI and SQL Studio, and also offers additional functions (such as a GUI for the Loader program).

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Database Studio can be used on all operating systems supported by the database system. It is a component of the SAP MaxDB software. Database Studio runs on the Eclipse platform. To use Database Studio, you need the Java runtime environment, version ≥ 5.

This Database Studio documentation is a reference manual for the functions of Database Studio. For a comprehensive description of administration tasks that a database administrator must carry out, use the Database Administration documentation.


SAP MaxDB X Server (communication server) is started. Database Studio automatically starts X Server upon program startup. You only need to manually start X Server if it is has been stopped while you were working with Database Studio.

More information: X Server, Starting X Server


  • Creating and configuring databases

  • Defining database objects (data model)

  • Monitoring

  • Backing up and restoring

  • Import and export

  • User administration

  • Performance analysis

  • Troubleshooting

  • Access to repositories