Procedure documentationAccessing SAP MaxDB Databases Via ODBC Locate this document in the navigation structure


  1. Set up the ODBC driver.

    More information: Setting up the SAP MaxDB ODBC Driver

  2. Create a data source.

    More information: Creating or Changing Data Sources

  3. In your application, enable ODBC access to the database.

    More information: Application or programming language documentation

    If the application with which you want to access the database using the ODBC driver is not located on the database computer, SAP MaxDB X Server (communication server) needs to be running on the database computer.

    More information:


You can now access data in the database via the ODBC interface.

If problems occur, use the SAP MaxDB ODBC trace for troubleshooting. More information: Troubleshooting Using the SAP MaxDB ODBC Trace