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This documentation describes the basics for installing and uninstalling MaxDB software, creating database isntances and updating the database software, and upgrading database instances to the operating system platforms supported by MaxDB.

It is particularly concerned with the following programs:

SDBSETUP: see Using the Installation Manager

     SDBINST for installing/updating installation profiles and individual software components, taking into account dependencies between the components

     SDBUNINST for uninstalling software components, taking into account dependencies between the components

SDBUPD for upgrading database instances and their server software

The description of upgrading database instances and their server software also applies to database instances in SAP systems.


For more information about the database system, see Structure linkConcepts of the Database System. For quick access to all documentation and an explanation of the most important terms, use the alphabetical Structure linkGlossary.


This documentation is not relevant for installing or uninstalling MaxDB software in SAP systems. Installing and uninstalling the MaxDB software required for SAP systems is described in SAP-specific guides. SAP customers can find these guidelines in the SAP Service Marketplace under service.sap.com/installNW2004s and service.sap.com/upgradeNW2004s. SAP customers can find more information in SAP Note 767598.

Implementation Considerations

The programs SDBSETUP, SDBINST, SDBUNINST and SDBUPD are part of the database software package.

Open source users can download the entire database software from the MaxDB website under dev.mysql.com/downloads/maxdb.

SAP customers receive the MaxDB software with the SAP installation CD, or can obtain it through the SAP Service Marketplace at service.sap.com.

The description that follows assumes that you are using the software available online on the MaxDB Website and at the SAP Service Marketplace.


See also:

Detailed information

Concepts of the database system, Structure linkSupported operating systems and architectures, Structure linkCreating and configuring a database instance

Glossary, Structure linkSyntax Notation


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