MaxDB ADO .NET Framework

The MaxDB .NET framework enables your .NET application to connect, executing commands, and modifying data on a MaxDB instance.

The framework comes in two different representation. The .NET ODBC based wrapper driver and the SQLDBC based .NET driver. Until the SQLBC version is under construction we support both versions. Later we will change to the SQLDBC based version and you can switch your application easily from the wrapper to SQLDBC based version.

MaxDB ODBC .NET Wrapper

The wrapper is an implementation based on System.Data.Odbc and has special extension for missed functionality in the standard implementation.

As example it extends the functionality with named parameters, etc. It also fixes bugs and speeds ups the SQL generation for the CommandBuilder class of the ODBC .NET implementation.

The wrapper works only together with the MaxDB ODBC driver and because it is hard linked to MaxDB ODBC driver it works without an ODBC data source. See SDB::Data::SDBConnection for more informations.


The SQLDBC based implementation is an unmanaged .NET driver implementation with the same functionality as the wrapper but with a better performances as the wrapper version.


This chapter is under construction.