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This Loader tutorial is designed to introduce you to the Loader commands for exporting and importing, and to illustrate them with examples. You will find a detailed description of the Loader commands in the Loader documentation and in the syntax rule list.


Demo Databases

To work through the examples in this Loader tutorial, you need the Demo Databases DEMODB and TESTDB.

Examples of Commands

The Loader commands that are described in the examples in this tutorial can be grouped into the following areas:

Note Note

To make commands more readable, the keywords are written in upper-case letters and command statements are structured. Upper and lower-case spellings of syntax elements and blank characters or line breaks are not relevant for executing Loader commands.

Upper and lower-case letters, however, may be important when choosing identifiers for the database objects and entering values in the form of literals.

End of the note.
Operating Modes

You can use three operating modes for inputting data to the loader: interactive transport mode, command mode and session mode. Use of the three operating modes should be explained using examples:

More Information

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