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You load the demo data into a database using the DBM command load_tutorial.

If you want to execute the examples in this Database Manager CLI Tutorial or the Loader Tutorial, we recommend that you use theInstallation Manager to create the database DEMODB and load the demo data into this database. In this way you create the database used in the examples and obtain the results given in the examples.


You can find the prerequisites under Database Manager CLI, load_tutorial


Call Database Manager CLI, log on as operator DBADMIN with password SECRET, connect to the database DEMODB, and load the demo data:

>dbmcli –u DBADMIN,SECRET –d DEMODB load_tutorial


0,OK: everything works fine

0,""C:\Program Files\sdb\DEMODB\bin\x_python" "C:\Program Files\sdb\DEMODB\env\.

./demo/" -R "C:\Program Files\sdb\DEMODB" -d DEMODB -u DBADMIN,*"



Installation successfully finished


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