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You configure the MaxDB software with the aim of connecting the MaxDB database tools for backing up, restoring, importing, or exporting data to the external backup tool TSM. For this you use the TSM client adint2. If this client is not available on the platform that you use, you can also connect TSM to MaxDB by using Backint for Oracle.

See also:

Connecting to a Backint for Oracle Interface


The adint2 program is not contained in a standard installation of the TSM client. The program is provided separately by IBM. For more information, see the following Internet address: http://www.de.ibm.com.


     The version of your MaxDB database system supports the connection of TSM (see: Restrictions for Using TSM).

     You have the TSM client adint2.



       1.      If you want to create a parallel backup or restore, check whether the version of your database system supports this action (see Restrictions for Creating Parallel Backups and Restores with TSM).

       2.      Setting the Environment Variables ADINT and ADA_OPT.

If necessary, set non-tool-specific environment variables for the Database Manager


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