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You display the further parameter data from the database parameter file and the default parameter file.

The display contains the name of each database parameter, its data type, and its current value. This is the value that is copied from the parameter file at the start of the session. If the parameter is not in the parameter file, the value from the default parameter file is displayed.

To display further output from the executed DBM command param_extgetall, you need to again restrict the display using the same properties and values.

If you define different properties however, or none at all, then the display from the first line will follow the new definition.


  • You have executed the DBM command for displaying data on all parameters in the database parameter file and the default parameter file (see: param_extgetall). Since the size of the reply packet is limited, not all results are displayed.

  • You have the server authorization ParamRead.


param_extgetallnext [<property_list>]

<property_list>:: = <property_definition> <property_definition> ...

<property_definition> :: = <property>=<value> | <property>=<value,value,...>





Property of the parameter,

to be specified in upper case

If you enter several properties, then only those parameters that correspond to all the criteria are output (AND operator). Each property can only be specified once. If the same property is entered more than once, the last value entered is used for the search.


Value of the property,

to be specified in upper case.

You can enter one or more values for each property (OR operator). These are to be separated by commas.



<parameter_name> <data_type> <value>

<parameter_name> <data_type> <value>


Values for the Reply Fields




Name of the database parameter


Data type of the database parameter


Current value

In the event of errors, see Reply Format.

More Information

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