Procedure documentationEditing Objects in a Repository Locate this document in the navigation structure


  1. In the explorer tree, go to My Repository.

    Database Studio: Repositories



    My Objects

    Objects in the logged-on user's private branch of the repository

    Shared Objects

    Objects in the public branch of the repository

    Local User Folder

    Local, user-specific folder in the file system

    Example Example

    <user_home>\sdb\My Local Folder

    End of the example.

    To change the local user folder, choose   Window   Preferences   Database Studio   Repository   and enter the new location.


    Loader directory, used for exporting and importing data

    More information: Exporting and Importing: Overview

  2. Open the repository in which the file to be edited is located.

  3. To open the file for editing, choose Open in the context menu of the file.