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Use of the system tableSYSINFO.DATASTATISTICS


You can use the DEMODB demo database. Start the Database Studio and log onto the demo database DEMODB: Logging On to a Database.


You can use Database Studio to enter and execute SQL statements. More information: Working with SQL Statements: Overview

Note the General Instructions for formulating SQL statements.

You can use the system table DATASTATISTICS to determine the following database information, among other things:

  • Displaying the fill level of the database

    SELECT usablesize, usedsize, usedsizepercentage, datafull


  • Displaying which part of the database is occupied with permanent and temporary data, respectively.

    SELECT usedpermanentsize, usedtemporarysize


  • Displaying the amount of all permanent converter data in the active converter and the part of the database where permanent data is stored.

    SELECT usedpermanentconvertersize, usedpermanentsize


    You can use the column values USEDPERMANENTCONVERTERSIZE and USEDPERMANENTSIZE to estimate how large the data area is in case of a recovery.

  • Displaying the amount of permanent data and converter data which is addressed in the inactive snapshot converter only and for which there is no entry in the active converter

    SELECT usedsnapshotsize


    You can use the column value USEDSNAPSHOTSIZE to identify how many sides have changed since creation of the snapshot and are now different to the current data.