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  • You have installed and started a servlet container, for example Apache Tomcat.

  • You have installed the following SAP MaxDB software:

    • JDBC interface

    • Installation profile WebJTools

    More information: Glossary, Installation

  • You have created an SAP MaxDB database ≥ version 7.6.

    More information: Database Administration, Creating Databases


  1. Make the SAP MaxDB JDBC driver available in your servlet container.

    More information: Servlet container documentation

  2. Carry out the deployment procedure in the servlet container.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    Activate SSL encryption in the servlet container for transferring data to the Web browser.

    End of the recommendation.
  3. The WebDAV servlet is supplied with example configuration files for the Apache Tomcat, SAP NetWeaver AS and JBoss servlet containers.

    If you are using one of these servlet containers, adapt the corresponding example configuration file to your system environment as follows:

    • Add the SAP MaxDB database as data source in the configuration files

    • Add an SAP MaxDB database user name and password as authentication data

      Recommendation Recommendation

      Use a dedicated database user for the WebDAV servlet.

      More information: Database Administration, Database Users

      End of the recommendation.
    • If necessary, configure the WebDAV context path. The default context path is /sdbwebdav

    • For SAP NetWeaver AS only:

      In the Deployment Descriptor, enter the authentication data for the SAP NetWeaver AS administrator user for AS Java.